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Through comprehensive automation, our project management covers all aspects of the real estate business, including architectural design, engineering, and construction, as well as accounting, procurement, inventory, marketing & sales, human resource, and payroll management.



What Invictus bring to you

Real Estate Automation

Invictus is the first firm to bring automation into the real estate business in order to ensure fast operations. We use technological instruments and software for real estate purposes, with the aim to achieve swift management of the whole process.


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Strategic Marketing

we will be able to reach the desired and targeted audience for our client’s brand and business, such as by utilizing social media platforms, print media, and sponsored socio-economic events for brand development services.

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Virtual Digital Studio

Invictus provides you with a wholesome design agency that works on top of your palm. It is an application of a digital studio that is both virtual and mobile in nature

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Coorporate Training

we believe in progress and development on both the personal and cooperative extent. Likewise, we offer corporate training and official coaching session both in-house and online. We can provide learning seminars to an individual or a department, or even to the whole organization, according to the needs.

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Brand Development

We offer a process in which your product becomes a selected choice of use and consumption while starting its journey from a highly dense market of products making its way through into the consideration set of the customer’s mind and then finally the consumer’s choice.


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Customer Care

Invictus believes in a strong bond and relation with the client. This is why once you become our customer, we will dedicate you, a customer relations officer, to prevent confusion, error, or hurdles in the dealings between both companies.


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    Plot # B 74-75, Precinct-03,
    Western Service Road
    Jinnah Avenue Commercial,
    Bahria Town,
    Karachi, Pakistan

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    Skyview Apartments

    Skyview is located infront of adventure park on main Jinnah Avenue in Bahria Town Karachi by Invictus real estate automation through V-ERP.

    ⦁ Automated Customer Care
    ⦁ Automated Asset Management
    ⦁ Automated HR Management
    ⦁ Automated Purchase Process
    ⦁ Automated Construction Process
    ⦁ Live Project View
    ⦁ Automated Resale
    ⦁ Customer Portal App
    ⦁ Agent Portal App
    ⦁ Automated System Generated Sales

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    Become a Global Sales Agent through

    V-ESAP Invictus External Sales Agent Program

    V-ESAP is a comprehensive training program that is technically designed
    to improve and upgrade an individual from a person to a profile.

    V-ESAP covers

    Personality Management, language Skills, Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills,
    Time management, Google Search Techniques and much more

    Bahria Town Head office

    Plot # Plot # B 74-75, Precinct-03,
    Western Service Road Jinnah Avenue Commercial,
    Bahria Town, Karachi, Pakistan.

    Shahrah e Faisal office

    Suite # 144,
    Lower Ground Floor, City Center,
    Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, Pakistan.