Corporate Training

Invictus does not only think and work on a collective level but also on an individual level since we believe in the principle that it is better to teach someone how to catch a fish rather than just provide him with the fish. Hence, we believe in progress and development on both the personal and cooperative extent. Likewise, we offer corporate training and official coaching session both in-house and online. We can provide learning seminars to an individual or a department, or even to the whole organization, according to the needs. Moreover, we give multiple varieties of courses regarding skills of technical nature such as google search, working of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or adobe photoshop and illustrator, etc. It further includes training of skills like time management, preservation, change management, communication, delegation, team management, task or project management, or the operation of compensation and benefits, etc. This will develop the expertise of whether it is an individual or an entire organization, covering almost both behavior and performance level.