Real Estate is one of the world’s biggest economies, but unfortunately, all aspects of the real estate industry depend on only one person” The Broker/Sales Agent. A human who makes financial decisions for both sellers and buyers directly and indirectly.

Invictus Real Estate Automation is a Project Management Company that provides comprehensively automated. V-ERP covers all aspects of the real estate industry including

Architectural Design,
Engineering Management
Construction Management
Accounts Management
Buying Management
Selling Management
Inventory/Stock Management
Real State Management
Human Resource Management
Support Management
Asset Management
Project Management
Performance Management

Our sales team is more of a customer care unit, compared to a market sales agent, who decides the price which no one can verify yet everyone can judge it by comparing rates from other agents.

V-ERP Eliminates the part of unethical tops of unprofessional brokers by automation of our sales process which is controlled by the buyers and sellers without any tops or agents in between.

The system is user friendly and transparent
Try out our Demo for a better understanding

1: No Human Involved in sales
2: No Hidden Tops
3: Easy to Use Mobile App
4: Dedicated Customer Care
5: 1 click Asset Management
6: 1 Click Buy and Sell
7: Free Market Updates and analytics
8: Free Comparison of Areas and Properties
9: Free Registration
10: Free Trainings

Changing the Hierarchy of PowerIn Real Estate Industry Learn more about V-ERP